What Lies at Knossos is the second level of Medal of Honor: Underground in mission Undercover in Crete.

Briefing Edit

What Lies at Knossos

12 June 1943

Terrific work, Manon! That supply schedule revealed an unusually large amount of munition being diverted to, all places, an archaeological dig. Given what else we have, this is our best lead yet! The time to strike is now. We've heard that troops have been diverted from this location to restore order in Iraklion, allowing us an excellent opportunity to determine if this dig is indeed a cover for their artillery emplacements. To do this, you'll be reprising your role as a home front propaganda photographer.

Using your newly acquired credentials, make your way through the Palace of Knossos under the guise you're interested in their work, while keeping a sharp eye out for hidden artillery.

We don't expect you'll have much trouble with the guards posted here, as they're most likely bored out of their minds.

But remain cautious nonetheless.

As you search the ruins, locate and eliminate the archaeologists. Though their research is baseless, it seems a terrible injustice to allow them to deface history in the name of the Reich.

Oh, and if the opportunity presents itself, recover some of the relics they're crating up to send home.

Good luck!

Objectives Edit

  • Eliminate the archaeologists (7)
  • Locate propaganda report
  • Recover relics (3)
  • Destroy bunker supplies
  • Locate bunker entrance

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