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The Welrod MK II was a British, suppressed bolt-action handgun that fired from a 7-shot detachable pistol grip/magazine featured in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun[]

While the in-game Welrod is a suppressed, single-shot, one-shot kill handgun, the actual Welrod was a bolt action pistol with a 7 shot capability. It is the second-rarest weapon, the first is the BAR, featured in only one mission throughout the campaign of Rising Sun. Its ammunition is very scarce, with only 50 starting rounds but very useful for a silent kill and the amount of ammunition can be compensated by activating cheat code for unlimited ammunition. The pistol has a built-in suppressor, making it extremely quiet; only the snap of the bullet going super sonic and the firing pin striking the bullet's primer can be heard. Despite being a pistol the Welrod is very good for taking out enemies in longer ranges with a well placed headshot.

In the splitscreen multiplayer, there is a player set that has the Welrod. It is much like in singleplayer, with short range and its capability of killing in a single shot. For the sharpshooting player, it can be extremely deadly, but for the easy trigger-finger, the player would rather find a semi-automatic pistol. 


  • Same as the M9A1 Bazooka, when using unlimited ammunition cheat, it will not reload and fire in semi auto mode.
  • The real Welrod was bolt action, fed from a 7 round magazine and the magazine was actually the pistol grip itself, which detached from the weapon. The Welrod in Rising Sun depicts a single shot only weapon to balance out the M1911, were the Welrod depicted as a bolt action pistol, the fire rate would be much faster.
  • The Welrod was used all over the world in WWII and in the Korean and even Vietnam war.