Leader(s) Adolf Hitler (Supreme Commander)

Wilhelm Keitel (Head of the Heer)

Appears in All except Rising Sun, Pacific Assault, Medal of Honor 2010, and Medal of Honor: Warfighter
Country Germany
Active 1935-1945
"Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer!"
— The slogan of the Wehrmacht in World War II.

The Wehrmacht are featured in every Medal of Honor game as the primary antagonists to date, with the exceptions of the 2010 Medal of Honor game, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, the former being replaced by the Insurgent faction and the latter the Imperial Japanese Military faction.

They are the German Armed Forces, and are comprised of a land branch (the Heer), a sea branch (the Kriegsmarine), and an air branch (the Luftwaffe). While the Luftwaffe are not commonly found in Medal of Honor games, the air-based infantry (who operate under Luftwaffe command), the Fallschirmjaegers are an enemy featured in Airborne. The Heer are most commonly the enemy in Medal of Honor games, along with the Waffen S.S. The Matrosen, Kriegsmarine sailors, are found rarely in open combat. Usually they are only found in U-boat related missions, but the opeining mission in European Assault features normal sailors.

Every branch of the Wehrmacht is represented at some point.
  • Patterson Shooting A MP-40 At Wehrmacht Soldiers At Castle Von Trapped In Medal of Honor 1999
  • A Animation Study A Wehrmacht Soldier Jumping Over A Wall In Medal of Honor: Underground
  • Sad Wehrmacht Soldiers In Allied Assault

Heer Edit

The Heer are the German army. They are normally the main enemy in the Medal of Honor series, usually dressed in grey uniforms and coal-scuttle helmets, and wield a wide variety of weapons.

Kriegsmarine Edit

The Kriegsmarine are the German navy. Matrosen, German sailors, are found during the first part of the St. Nazaire missions. They are dressed in grey-green pants and white t-shirts, and normally use a Karabiner 98 Kurz.

Naval personnel, both enlisted and officers, make several appearances in Medal of Honor: Frontline during the second mission.

Luftwaffe Edit

While not playing a particularly major role in many Medal of Honor games, the player is once tasked with stealing an Horten Ho IX  from a Luftwaffe base. In addition, pilots, mechanics, and Luftwaffe officers make several appearances in Medal of Honor: Frontline, where they are usually armed with sub-machineguns or pistols.

In Medal of Honor: Airborne, the Fallschirmjaeger (German paratroopers) are the primary enemy found in the last two missions of the game.


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