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Veteran weapons are an upgrade of the normal version of that weapon. Aesthetically, the veteran versions of each weapon are more worn and have makeshift desert camouflage. The weapon's stats are identical to the standard version of the weapon. Veteran weapons are seen as separate weapons in the Weapon Customization menu, being listed with a (V) (e.g. AK-47 (V), PKM (V)) standing for "Veteran".


Note- This list is incomplete.

  • M16A4- Weapon is painted tan. Rounded covering on the hand guard has been removed, giving it a similar appearance to the M4A1.
  • M249- Weapon is slightly tanner. Tape is added around the hand guard.
  • AK-47- Weapon has sand camouflage with assorted pieces of metal added.
  • PKM- Weapon has sandy coloring. Cloth is added around the sides of the weapon.
  • M4A1 - Weapon is painted in tan. Like with the M249 , tape is added around the handguard.
  • AKS-74u - Weapon has sand camouflage, similiar to the AK-47 .