Vengeance Production is the second level in the mission Escape from the V2 Rocket Plant. It takes place on the night of March 25, 1945, inside the V2 labs of the Nordhausen Mittlewerk Rocket Plant, Germany.


Vengeance Production

25 March 1945

The Waffen-SS are the toughest soldiers in the German war machine - and you're about to go up against the best of them.

Now that you've made it into the main production area of Nordhausen. There it's time to put our theories about the V2 to the test. As you know, we think the rockets are controlled by a navigational gyroscope that's programmed with a target's coordinates before launch.

Procure a copy of the V2 schematics and analyze them - they should prove us right or wrong about the gyro control.

If our assumptions are correct, you'll need to calculate a new course and then recalibrate the gyro accordingly. It's time to tap back into all that aeronautical engineering education of yours, Lieutenant.

Your objective: bring the rocket down on top of the facility.

Again, his French is atrocious, but our friend Gronek seems to indicate they’ve developed an experimental warhead for the rocket that yields almost three times the damage at the same payload weight.

If this is true, most everything in the facility will be destroyed by the impact - so, in addition to the actual V2 schematics, be sure to locate a copy of the Nordhausen scientist roster. The boys back at OSRD will be very curious to see it.

Objectives Edit

  • Find Scientist Roster
  • Acquire V2 Schematics
  • Gain Access to Guidance Labs
  • Sabotage Gyro Guidance System
  • Find Launch Area

Weapons Edit

Starting Edit

Music Edit

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Nordhausen + Ambientation 2

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Nordhausen + Ambientation 2

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