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"Time to meet your maker."
— Vegas

"Vegas" is a Tier 1 Operator and part of Delta Force. He is part of AFO Wolfpack.


Vegas is first seen at the end of the first mission, then again in the mission "Running with Wolves...". After a quick briefing, he and Panther split off from the rest of Wolfpack and head for a small village occupied by Taliban fighters. After arriving they, along with Dusty and Deuce, secure the village and capture some enemy documents. Vegas and Panther then split off again and head to OP Clementine. After regrouping they begin to call in airstrikes on enemy positions.

Vegas is next seen in the mission "Friends from Afar". He can be seen spotting targets for Panther. After a number of camps are neutralized by Double D, Vegas and Panther move higher up the mountain to engage Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces.



  • In the two AFO Wolfpack missions, the four operators split up; Dusty with Deuce and Panther with Vegas. Because of this, the player hardly ever sees Vegas' face.
  • Vegas is Panther's right hand man in Medal of Honor (2010) due to them commonly being paired up together.
  • Vegas is poly-lingual, speaking 7 languages, including being fluent in Russian.
    • Despite this, he made mistakes in pronunciation in Russian. It is unknown whether it was his joke or a bug developers.
  • As Deuce is the designated shooter for the other sniper team, Vegas is most likely the designated shooter for himself and Panther because he is seen with the M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System.
  • Vegas might indicates his nickname due to his home town.