Appears in Medal of Honor: European Assault
Rank Private
Affiliations Russian Partisans
Nationality Russian
Status Determinant
Sex Female
Weapon PPSh-41
Level Road to Stalingrad

Vassilieva is a character featured in Medal of Honor: European Assault. She is a member of Russian Partisan fighters and participates in the Battle of Stalingrad.

Biography Edit

Battle of Stalingrad Edit

On the night of 28 January 1943, Lieutenant William Holt, an American agent with the Office of Strategic Services, makes contact with the partisan leader Sergei in the outskirts of Stalingrad in the Soviet Union. Afterwards, Vassilieva joins Foshkovich and Moldavonov in assaulting the local church in support of Holt. Vassilieva may be present when Holt shoots and kills the nemesis Walther Neumann.

She may be killed at any point during her appearance. Her status after the battle, should she survive, is unknown.

Appearances Edit

Notes Edit

  • Along with Manon Batiste, she is one of only two potential female squad members in European Assault.