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V40 Minifrag Battlelog Icon

"Deployed in clusters of 3, the mini-frags area ideal for area saturation or multiple target engagement."
— Battlelog Description

The V40 Mini-Grenade was a grenade manufactured in the Netherlands, and was in service in the Canadian Forces and the US Armed Forces.

They are usable by the Heavy Gunner class in the Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer. The grenades are thrown in a cluster of 3 increasing the total blast radius over a wider area than a standard frag. In a similar fashion to scatter shot from a shotgun, the V40 grenades have a lesser killing potential the further the mini grenades are from each other. These are best deployed to soften multiple targets or finish off wounded enemies, as well as clearing rooms or objectives. The Heavy Gunner carries a total of six V40s (thrown in two seperate clusters of three).

The killfeed showing the V40