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TheKnightOfOyashiro TheKnightOfOyashiro 8 March 2012

Medal of Honor Warfighter reveal trailer released

Yesterday, the first trailer for Medal of Honor: Warfighter was released.

The trailer confirms various rumors that had been swirling around prior to release; there are to be 12 playable factions in multiplayer, and in various locales, including the Philippines (which itself was confirmed during the GDC "eyes-only" demo).

Below is a short analysis of the game's trailer.

  • 1 Factions
  • 2 Weapons
  • 3 Vehicles
  • 4 Locations
  • 5 Gameplay

According to various sources, including the official website, the game will feature not only American Tier 1 units, but also the German GSG9, Polish, Norwegian, Philippino, Canadian, Australian, and other international units.

  • Navy SEALs (Task force Mako)
  • Delta Force (SFOD-D)
  • GSG 9
  • KSK
  • GROM
  • OGA (Unknown who or what this mention refers to; per…

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TheKnightOfOyashiro TheKnightOfOyashiro 25 October 2011

Medal of Honor 2012

Well if you bought BF3 today and opened it up, on the back of the online pass is -- what else? -- a teaser for the second modern Medal of Honor game. According to an article done on EuroGamer back in June (which I, shockingly enough, missed), MoH and BF are going to alternate each year -- so MoH2010 > BF3 > MoH2012 > BF(BC3/2143/1944/V2) > MoH2013, and onwards. The Official MoH website has been updated with two new blogs. One is from Greg Goodrich, regarding Medal of Honor 2012.

The above quote pretty much sums up everything. What we now know about MoH2012 is that it'll focus around four units, much like MoH2010 -- but the first patch is different from any that was found in MoH2010. It looks almost like a cheshire cat grin.

The second post reg…

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TheKnightOfOyashiro TheKnightOfOyashiro 18 August 2011

Medal of Honor: Frontline available for download on the PlayStation store

Well, it's been far too long since I've been able to do a proper news blog, but here it goes: the HD remastered Medal of Honor: Frontline has been made available for download on the PlayStation store for 15 USD. The remastered version of MoHF has several changes that were made to it. The primary selling point is its redone textures, but the remastered game also comes with several other features, inlcuding ironsights and a more modern control scheme (though the old-school control scheme is still available).

No word yet on a PC or Xbox 360 release.

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TheKnightOfOyashiro TheKnightOfOyashiro 7 January 2011

Update - Medal of Honor sequel

An article I discovered recently claims that the developers -- Danger Close games -- is hiring for an unannounced triple-A game... which can only mean Medal of Honor, since that's the only game they're supposed to be working on.

I would be very surprised if they weren't working on Medal of Honor 2011 or 2012. Hopefully this time they will r-use their assets instead of restarting. And God, don't let DICE handle the multi!!!

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TheKnightOfOyashiro TheKnightOfOyashiro 4 January 2011

Epic facepalm.

Read this.

God, what have we become...

Evil overlord YuriMy conquests!Bow before me! 22:01, January 4, 2011 (UTC)

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