CBS News has reported (on November 8, 2012 6:44 PM) that seven active members of SEAL Team Six have received letters of reprimand for giving out "classified" info to Danger Close as they were working on Medal of Honor: Warfighter and for violating the unwritten code that SEALs are "silent warriors who shun the spotlight".

Since the Osama Bin Laden raid back in May of 2011, the SEALs have been "buried in an avalanche of publicity" as they have been featured in films such as Act of Valor and the upcoming Zero Dark Thirty.

Four other members who also helped in the development of the game, that have since transferred out of SEAL Team Six, are also being investigated.

For the seven members, this means that their pay has been cut in half for two months and that their chances of promotion have been "killed".

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