Favorite game[edit | edit source]

my first and favorite game is medal of honor frontline and im pretty sure everyone agrees with me (however i could never manage to keep Kelso alive in Arnhem knights) everything from the enemies to the music is just beautiful :).

my second favorite is Airborne i love the mechanic of landing where you want and get a vantage point on Jerry.

About me[edit | edit source]

i was born in Great Britain in the city of Liverpool (sips tea)

Why i chose the MOH wiki[edit | edit source]

well it comes with long story

i was originally a member of the Call of Duty wiki i was adding some pictures but they blocked me for three days because the images were low quality (its PS2 graphics what did you expect!) so then i wrote them a message talking about how rude they were, but then they blocked me again not because of what i said BUT BECAUSE OF THE GRAMMAR. 

so with nothing else to do i wont on the MOH wiki to make me feel better, but then i saw a page lacking an image so then i decided to add an image and then made a new page and then started adding more content and more pages, i made an new page, i added more images, i gave myself an avatar and became a great mysterious member of the MOH wiki.

My avatar[edit | edit source]

i gave myself the avatar of sturmgeist from Frontline because it is my favorite game and he was always my favorite childhood villain to beat of how he was so mysterious in that trench coat, which is further referring to me of how i was so mysterious when i first joined the MOH wiki.

Wikis I work on[edit | edit source]

here are some of the wikis that i have been working on, why not check them out

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