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"It isn't the suit's capabilities that matter. No, it is your ability to use that mobile suit that truly determines the outcome of a battle."
— Char Aznable

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Hello there! I am Yuri Vlademarovich Kaslov, AKA, Vlad. I am a long-time fan of the MOH series, and a bureaucrat here. More than half my edits have been creating new pages, redirects, or categorizing pages. If you need me, you can leave me a message and I'll get back to you AQAP


Wiki activity[]

I'll likely be trying to work on some older MoH games. MoH2010 really annoys me, and I can no longer stand it. I'm on a lot (lack of a job will do that to you, lol)

MoH games I have played[]

Games I know a lot about[]

  1. Medal of Honor: Airborne
  2. Medal of Honor: European Assault
  3. Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
  4. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
  5. Medal of Honor: Frontline
  6. Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

Games I have played, but don't know much about[]

  1. Medal of Honor, and all it's add-ons
  2. Medal of Honor: Heroes
  3. Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

All the other games I have either not played, or simply have lost my knowledge of. If you want to ask a question about any of those games, I will help out as best I can.

Moment of glory[]

The G3 is nowhere near as bad as people think. 13/0 on hardcore.

Preferred class set-ups.[]