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About Me[]

Hi there!

I'm D7101, one of MoH's german fans. My first ever contact with the series was in Autumn of 2017 when I was in 8th Grade and had played the demo for Airborne on my XBox 360. Since I really loved it I decided to buy the whole game. And thus my relationship towards the Moh Series was born. Since then I played almost every game in the series. Emphasis on almost. Yeah, even though I'm a fan there are some games I never played. Here's a list of them alongside the respective main reason I havn't played them:

  1. Underground - Lack of Interest (though this might change in the future)
  2. Infilitrator - Lack of the device necessary to play it
  3. Heroes 1 and 2 - Lack of the device/console necessary to play them
  4. 2010 and Warfighter - Lack of Interest (And that won't change in the near future)
  5. Above and Beyond - Lack of a device necessary to play it

Unpopular Opinions[]

Spearhead and Breakthrough[]

I do actually prefer Breakthrough over Spearhead . I mean yeah the latter does have pretty cool missions (my personal favorite being the Battle of the Bulge Levels), and new weapons (my favorites beeing the Lee-Enfield, the Sten and the Mosin) I think it also suffers from the problem of its campaign being to short. Yes, I know it's just an expansion and as such is not supposed to be as long as the base game, but still: making the campaign 1 or 1,5 hours longer couldn't have harmed. Breakthrough on the other hand has a much longer campaign. I mean it does sure have some problems (e.g. the "enemies drop lesser ammo" issue) and hard moments (the best examples are when you have to protect Klaus, stop a tank assault with motars or have to protect Pte. Gage and the other two brits), I think it does have an overall better campaign and setting. What I think is also very well done is the inclusion of italian soldiers (even though they f*cked up the designs of the uniforms) AND, something Vanguard and Airborne failed to do: the italian weapons. Speaking of weapons, I think this is also something were Breakthrough shines, as I had the most fun when using the new weapons (my favorites being the Breda, Vickers-Berthier, DeLisle, L42A1, Carcano and my no. 1 favorite: the Moschetto). So all in all I'd say in Breakthrough most of the good outweighs the bad.

My Ranking of the games I have played[]

  1. Frontline
  2. Airborne
  3. Allied Assault
  4. Allied Assault: Breakthrough
  5. Allied Assault: Spearhead
  6. Medal of Honor 1999
  7. Pacific Assault
  8. Vanguard
  9. European Assault
  10. Rising Sun