The U-Boat Deck Gun is a fixed weapon that only appears in Medal of Honor: Frontline. The gun is based on the 10.5 cm SK C/32 Naval gun, which in real life was used by the Germans during World War 2. The gun was used on torpedo and minesweeper boats but it was use in the shore as well as a coastal defence gun.

Medal of Honor: Frontline Edit

The Deck Gun is only appears in the mission: A Chance Meeting where it is mounted on a U-Boat and Jimmy Patterson used it to destroy the German fuel depot. The gun has a limited angle but has a very high damage and range. The explosion radius is wide so it can be used to kill multiple with a single shot. 


  • It is never seen again in the campaign after that particular mission.
  • If the player holds down on the trigger it will fire full-auto with a slow rate-of-fire.