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For the similarly named artillery piece see: Type 96 Howitzer

For the similarly named anti-air gun see: Type 96 AA

The Type 96 LMG is a Japanese light machinegun featured in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. The Japanese equivalent to the Browning Automatic Rifle, Bren and M1941 Johnson, it is the standard light machine gun used by the Imperial Japanese Army and Marine units along with the Type 99, more portable than the Type 92 and still very powerful. Unlike other conventional weaponry, most similar to the British Bren, its magazine is a top-mounted, curved type, giving the user the ability to prone more comfortably. Although similar, both the console commands associated with the Type 96 and its physical characteristics distinguish it from the Type 99 used in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault[]

In Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, the Type 96 is frequently used by Japanese infantry forces, a light weight portable alternative to the Type 92 heavy machine gun which is stationary. Equipped with a Type 30 bayonet, this is the Type 96's secondary attack, giving the user the ability to slash and stab at his enemy. It is usable weapon by Tommy Conlin, able to be picked up from his dead enemy. It gives the player an advantage, combining an above average fire rate and damage. Even so, it has the same speed impediment that the Browning Automatic Rifle does.