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For the similarly named artillery piece see: Type 96 Howitzer

For the similarly named light machine gun see: Type 96 Light Machine Gun

The Type 96 25mm Gun (九六式二十五粍高角機銃 Kyūroku-shiki nijyūgo-miri Kōkakukijū) was an automatic cannon used by the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. A locally-built variant of the French Hotchkiss 25mm anti-aircraft gun, it was designed as a dual-purpose weapon for use against armored vehicles and aircraft, but was primarily used as an anti-aircraft gun in fixed mounts with between one and three guns.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun[]

In the mission "Midnight Raid On Guadalcanal" the "triple 25" (as it was nicknamed by american troops) appears near the end of the mission where it can be used to fight of attacking banzai chargers and destroy a tank in the depot. 

Several such anti-aircraft guns are installed on Toshikaze, in the Supercarrier Sabotage.


Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault[]

The Type 96 appears in the level Nightmoves A where it first appears unseen shooting down an american Piper cub scout plane. Later in the level Nightmoves B the Marines come across a japanese post with an AA gun in the centre (possibly the same one that shot down the scout plane) and the player can use the gun to destroy an enemy transport truck full of soldiers. At the end of the levels Nightmoves C, Mandown B and Mandown C there are some such anti-aircraft guns.

In the mission Flyboys in the island segment, the Japanese uses AA guns to fire at the player and later in the level the player encounters Akagi mounted with AA guns.