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A Type 95 "Kurogane" on Makin Atoll.

The Type 95 Scout Car, nicknamed "Black Medal", reconnaissance and light transportation vehicle in use by the Imperial Japanese Army, its equivalent to the American Willys MB "Jeep" and Soviet GAZ-67. Able to carry four soldiers, aside from heavy duty 4x4 or 6x6 trucks, the Type 95 was the primary personnel transportation vehicle of Japanese units encountered by Tommy Conlin of the United States Marine Corps. Starting production in 1937, it was produced in mass quantities until 1945 when the war ended.


The Type 95 Scout Car is encountered by Tommy Conlin throughout the Pacific Campaign, from Makin to Guadalcanal to Tarawa. Tommy's squad even used Type 95's to withdraw their squad from immediate danger on Makin Atoll and Tarawa Atoll. Used by the Imperial Japanese Army, the Kurogane was used to deploy a fireteam of Japanese infantry quickly and to patrol roads and military bases. A 4x4 truck, the Kurogane had considerable speed in comparison to Japanese heavy duty trucks, giving it an advantage during recon missions. Even so, this was a determent, not able to carry large quantities of troops and supplies. When Tommy Conlin's Type 95, driven by James Sullivan attempts to withdraw to a Japanese fuel depot, several Type 95's and 6x6 trucks attempt to subdue them.