The Type 95 Ha-Go is a Japanese light tank used during World War II. It is seen in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun and Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. It is armed with a Type 94 37mm Main Cannon as well as a Type 91 6.5mm Machine Gun. In Rising Sun, the Ha-Go is easily destroyed with grenades and machine gun fire, a largely unrealistic trait.

Medal of Honor: Rising SunEdit

Type 95 Ha-Go
Type 95 Ha-Go
Games found Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

Faction Imperial Japanese Military
Crew 3 (1 driver,1 gunner, 1 tank commander)
Speed 45 km

In the mission Fall of the Philippines the player must destroy a Ha-Go in order to retrieve a US demolition truck. Later during Midnight Raid On Guadalcanal, the player will be faced with one at the depot. The Ha-Go makes its last appearance in Pistol Pete Showdown.

Medal of Honor: Pacific AssaultEdit

The Ha-Go appears in Makin Atoll and Guadalcanal, alongside the Type 97 Chi-Ha.


  • It is possible to jump on the tank turret, as it cannot hit the player from directly below.