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For the similarly named howitzer see: see Type 92 Pack Howitzer.

For the similarly named portable machine gun see: see Type 92 Lewis.

The Type 92 heavy machinegun is a Japanese heavy machine gun featured in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. The Type 92 machine gun can be easily mistaken with the Type 92 Lewis machine gun due to the similar name. The Type 92 is based on the Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun. It was used extensively by Imperial Japan during World War 2. The gun was nicknamed "Woodpecker" by allied soldiers because of the characteristic sound it made when fired due to its relatively slow rate of fire. The Type 92 was fed with stripper clips, which did not allow for as high volume of fire as a belt-fed gun.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault[]

The Type 92 HMG appears frequently throughout the campaign. Most of the time it can be seen mounted on Japanese bunkers. It has slow rate of fire and high damage. Due to it's slow rate of fire it enables the player to fire it in extensive bursts. Like other machine guns when it's empty it needs to be reloaded.