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For the similarly named howitzer see: see Type 92 Pack Howitzer.

For the similarly named heavy machine gun see: see Type 92 heavy machinegun.

The Type 92 Lewis is a Japanese copy of the Lewis gun used by Imperial Japan during World War 2. The Type 92 appears in two Medal of Honor titles, both of them set in the Pacific Theater. The Type 92 was almost the exact copy of the Lewis Gun only differences were the trigger guard, and cooling fins around the barrel and gas piston tube. It was mostly used as a mounted machine gun on aircrafts.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun[]

The Type 92 Lewis appears in Rising Sun as a mounted weapon. First it can be used in the mission: A Bridge on the River Kwai where it's mounted on an elephant. Later it can be used in the last mission where it is found mounted on an Aichi D3A Val dive bomber plane. It has unlimited ammo and can't overheat. 

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault[]

The Type 92 Lewis or Type 92 portable machinegun in Pacific Assault appears as a portable machinegun similar to the portable MG42 in Allied Assault's multiplayer. While carried on the shoulder it slows down the player's movement. It has high damage and recoil and 47 round magazine capacity and is advised to fire it in short bursts.