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The SRS02 mounted on Preacher's HK416 in Unintended Consequences.

The Trijicon SRS02 is an red dot sight featured in Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter[]


The Trijicon SRS02 appears only in the first mission of the campaign, Unintended Consequences. It is attached to Preacher's default weapon, the DD Mk18.


The Trijicon SRS02 can be earned for the HK416 by unlocking expert Weapon Pin (or otherwise, the final weapon pin) with the HK416 GREKO'S. It can also be unlocked for the AKS-74U by earning expert weapon pin for the AKS74U Spetsnaz. The H&K 416C can also equip the SRS02 by unlocking the German KSK Demolitions. Both the M240L and M240B can also equip it by unlocking the M240B. The Trijicon SRS02 is also unlocked for the Ak5C by earning expert weapon pin. The SRS02 can be unlocked for the OBR 5.56 by earning expert weapon for the Navy SEAL variant of the OBR 5.56. The SRS02 can also be unlocked for the Mk18 in the Spec Ops Class by earning expert weapon.