Treasure Caverns is the third level in the mission Capture the Secret German Treasure. It takes place on the night of February 20, 1945, deep inside the Merker's mine, Austria.


Treasure Caverns

20 February 1945

Merci, Patterson

Your actions have helped honor all that my brother fought for.

Unfortunately, now comes the hard part. The Demolitions Squad may has already wired the lower part of the mine. You’re going to have to disarm all the bombs.

Fortunately, the SS crew was not known for their elegant craftsmanship - they just liked to cram a huge amount of explosives into a small box and then hook it all up to a cheap Bavarian clock.

Use your "Action" button to snip the detonation wires.

Also be on the lookout for the Curator’s Inventory. It should contain an itemized index of all the stolen loot in the mine. Hopefully we’ll be able to return it all to the rightful owners.

By his reputation, we know that the Curator is an intelligent and decent man who is working for the Nazis against his will. Don’t be surprised if you hear him publicly challenge the Sturmbandfuhrer during your assault.

Objectives Edit

  • Locate the Curator Inventory
  • Locate and Disarm All Bombs

Weapons Edit

Starting Edit

Music Edit

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Merker's Salt Mine + Ambientation 3

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Merker's Salt Mine + Ambientation 3

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