Tom Chalmers
Tom Chalmers
Appears in Medal of Honor: Vanguard
Rank Private First Class
Affiliations 82nd Airborne Division
Status KIA
Death 17th of September 1944
Weapon M1928A1 Thompson
M1 Garand
Voice Actor Byrne Offutt

Private First Class Tom Chalmers is a major character in Medal of Honor: Vanguard. He first appears in the first mission, Off Target, and is a member of Frank Keegan's squad and is described as the strongest in the team. He is killed during Operation: Market Garden when a Tiger tank assaults Keegan's squad.



Chalmers, along with the rest of Keegan's squad were forced to jump out of the C-47 early as it was hit with anti-aircraft fire. He fought alongside the rest of the squad throughout Off Target and Der Bunker, after capturing the bunker, he moved 20 miles west to regroup with the rest of the 82nd Division.


Chalmers was assigned to parachute out of a C-47 for Operation Neptune, meaning he was not present when Keegan's glider crashed. He fought alongside Harrison Pike until Keegan and Garrett found them and regrouped. Chalmers was also present during the rescue of Sergeant Magnusson from his capture by the Nazis in the church. However, Keegan was knocked out by a Fallschirmjager. After Keegan recovered, Chalmers and the rest of the squad, cleared out the cemetery and destroyed the first bridge. Chalmers, Magnusson, Slauson, Pike and other soldiers then split up from Keegan and Garrett to search for more bridges to destroy. Chalmers also fought throughout the mission Requiem, after Keegan was incapacitated by an explosive charge detonating early.


Chalmers was part of Keegan's unit during Operation Market Garden. In A Shallow Grave he, alongside the squad, fought their way towards the fortified house, when the house was cleared Slauson Remarked: 'Hey, where's the big guy?' Garrett then said: 'Chalmers!', Chalmers then told them: 'Shut up, I'm coming!' and then kicked down a door. Chalmers and the rest of Keegan's squad then cleared out the farmhouse and windmill and secured some maps. Garrett then heard German soldiers outside and translated what they were saying, the squad then ambushed them. Chalmers was also present in Haunted where he, along with the squad defended a house from German infantry, cleared out a bunker and fought their way across a bridge. After moving to Grave, Chalmers and the squad came under fire from a German ambush, after dealing with the ambush they then moved through the town, clearing out any resistance they encountered. However there were Tiger Tanks waiting for them, the first one was destroyed by the Bazooka Operator, the second one on the other hand killed Chalmers with one of its first shots.


  • He is the only character in the game to not have his body fade away upon dying.
  • He has a slightly larger build than the other NPCs.


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