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"Somewhere in Yemen, an undercover OGA asset trains with new terrorist recruits."
— Missions Menu Description

Through the Eyes of Evil is the second campaign mission for Medal of Honor: Warfighter.


For the transcript, see Through the Eyes of Evil/Transcript.


Preacher and Lena argue with each other over their daughter Bella; their rude behavior for each other on display. Preacher, after being hung up on, does push ups out of frustration. They resume the struggling conversation while the next scene plays.

Dusty contacts Mother about how their operation in Pakistan turned into chaos. They deduce that there was something explosive in the shipment, and the destruction of this shipment has angered several terror cells located in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Dusty then points to an informant named Argyrus.


The player controls an OGA operative in training terror named Argyrus. This level acts like a training level for the player.

An elderly man begins to instruct Argyrus on what to do. Instructions on how to aim, how to walk, run, prone and crouch are shown.

In the next room, the player encounters targets, which the player must Aim down their sights. They must also throw a grenade into a cluster of enemies in the back left hand side.

The next station instructs the player on how to use the Lean function. Two targets and a machine gun are shooting at the player and the player must lean to down the targets.

The next station is timed. The player goes through a destroyed plane and encounters targets and non-targets, painted red and white respectively. Failure to complete this part in a certain time limit forces the player to restart.

The station after this instructs the player on the fundamentals of the Dynamic Door Breach.

After this, the player can redo the timed trial or continue to the next mission.


Icon Name Description
MOHWF Know the Enemy Trophy.png Know the Enemy Completed Through the Eyes of Evil
MOHWF On the Clock Trophy.png On the Clock Completed the Training in Through the Eyes of Evil in 18 seconds


  • This is the only level in Medal of Honor: Warfighter in which the player assumes the role of an antagonist.
  • The timed target course seems to be a reference to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and its sequel, in which the player is tasked with taking out a number of targets within a certain time limit during the opening/tutorial mission.



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