The Roaring Penstocks is the first level in the mission Sabotage the Rjukan Hydro Plant. It occurs during the night of February 1, 1945 inside the Rjukan Hydro Plant in the Telemark region of Norway.

Briefing Edit

The Roaring Penstocks

01 February 1945

I’m glad to see that you’re finally out of the hospital. My father never fully recovered from the gassing the Germans gave him in 1917 - I imagine your throat will be sore for a few more months.

Well, from one terror weapon to another, mustard gas to atomic bombs. What will the Germans think of next?

Now on to Rjukan.

Before you can make it into the research part of the facility, located inside the main building of the Norsk Hydro plant, you’ll have to fight your way through the outer penstocks. The area is still dedicated to generating good old-fashioned, non-atomic hydroelectricity.

Your objective is to turn it all off.

First, gain access to the penstocks by shutting down the flow of water in the huge central pipe. (You'll then be able traverse it from the inside.) Then start start placing demo charges on all the power relay stations - six in all. Finally, shut down the main power grid, which should throw their operation into disarray.

Hint: my comrades in the Norwegian resistance suggest using the maintenance vents to get around.

Objectives Edit

  • Stop Water Flow in Central Pipe
  • Destroy all Power Relays
  • Shut Down Main Power Grid
  • Enter Hydro Plant

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Starting Edit

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Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Securing The Codebook + Ambientation 1

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Securing The Codebook + Ambientation 1

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