The Horten's Nest is the sixth and final mission of Medal of Honor: Frontline.

Briefing Edit

If you're receiving this Patterson, then you are close to your final objective. Clearly we have underestimated this Sturmgeist fellow. I've been raising hell with intelligence as our info on him has been poor to say the least. It is most worrysome. If there are others like him, our work just got a great deal more difficult.

We believe you're in the area of a top secret aircraft manufacturing plant. Operatives tell us it's hidden inside an abandoned mine. We haven't yet been able to pinpoint it's location. This is where you come in. Locate and infiltrate the base by any means necessary. Upon achieving this, you must radio us with it's exact coordinates. While in the complex, gather as much information as you can on the technologies the Nazis are developing. We're particular interested in their new jet propelled fighter called the 'HO-IX'. If this aircraft were to enter the war, there's a chance we could lose control of the skies. That would be very bad indeed.

So to help prevent this, Shaf is preparing to send a bomber group to drop heavy ordnance on the facility. You'll need to move fast and find your way out of there as soon as you've accomplished your mission. We'll await your transmission Jimmy, but if we don't hear from you by dawn, we'll have no choice but to assume the worst, and go ahead with the assault using our best guess as to its location.

If past performance is any indication Jimmy, I expect to hear from you soon. Good luck and God speed.

Levels Edit

The Horten's Nest consists of four levels:

The Horten Ho 229 as it appears in-game.

Plot Edit

The Horten's Nest is Jimmy's last mission in Medal of Honor: Frontline. James Steven Patterson's main objective is to eliminate Hauptsturmführer Rudolf Ulbricht von Sturmgeist, and steal the German's new flying wing, the Horten HO-IX Fighter Bomber. Patterson brutally fought to reach the HO-IX's hangar. He finally reached the hanger and killed Sturmgeist and his men, stole the HO-IX and escaped just fast enough before the whole hanger was destroyed in allied bombing runs.

Trivia Edit

  • It was revealed after the end of Stealing The Show that Patterson would be called back soon after the ordeal. This is a reference to Jimmy's attack on impenetrable Fort Schmerzen, which occurred on November 25, 1944, two months and a day after Stealing the Show.
  • The bombers in this mission are actually C-47 transports.
  • In Derailed! Hargrove suggests that the bombing will be in 1-2 days, but the mission takes place in 4 days.
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