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The Cleric (Arabic: رجل الدين) is the primary antagonist in the singleplayer campaign of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. He is the mastermind behind the PETN attacks the Task Forces are trying to stop. He is in reality named Hassan, a wealthy Arab banker who works in Dubai.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter[]

The Cleric is first seen in the mission Through the Eyes of Evil as he talks to Argyrus about the terror cell's cause and how he needs him prepared to take on the infidels. Throughout the mission, he talks to Argyrus through the speakers as he goes through the training course.

His name was revealed by Faraz when Mother and Preacher interrogated him in Pakistan, and TF Blackbird then proceeded to question him.

He appears again in Hello and Dubai. Mother infiltrates the hotel room he is in and carries him out unconscious in a wheel chair. He is put into the trunk of Preacher's car, where he remains for the whole mission until Sad al-Din rams the car. Mother and Preacher are captured while Hassan went into hiding. His identity as The Cleric is later exposed when Sad al-Din is captured.

Hassan is not seen until Shut it Down in Pakistan, where Preacher and TF Mako infiltrate his compound to kill him for Mother and other atrocities. There he sets his own compound on fire and has a bomb strapped on his back to confront the SEALs. Hassan refuses Voodoo's orders to surrender and Preacher kills him before he attempts to detonate the bomb.


  • He has several similarities to Osama bin Laden and may be a fictional stand-in for him. Both are elderly Middle Eastern men, lead terrorist organizations, dressed similarly, and were killed in Pakistan.
  • The term "Cleric" is used to describe religious leaders.
  • The remains of Hassan's estate can be seen in the multiplayer map, Shogore Valley.