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Task Force Rebel (TF Rebel) is a force of local Afghan Northern Alliance (ANA) fighters working with US Special Forces (Green Berets/US SF) in the Shahi-Khot Valley. In Medal of Honor (2010), they were, by Colonel Drucker's original plan, with mutual support from AFO teams in the area, tasked to assault and weed out militant forces in the Shah-i-Kot valley prior to the deployment of the 75th Ranger Regiment. However, before reaching their target, TF Rebel was misidentified, due to no GLINT or IR strobes, and led General Flagg to believe them to be a hostile convoy and ordered the 'on station' AC-130 Reaper 3-1 to engage them. With 1 US Green Beret and 2 Afghans KIA and another 3 Green Berets and 14 Afghans injured and left several vehicles damaged, by the friendly fire, the inexpierienced Afghans abandoned their part of the mission and retreated to Gardez, which forced the Green Berets to try to bring them back and to continue the operation, and also led to Bravo company (Bravo 6) 1/75th Rangers being deployed earlier than planned.


  • In Medal of Honor (2010), the callsign of the US Special Forces team is 'Colt 01'.
  • During the cutscene when the convoy of several US Special Forces soldiers is named, Anderson and Williams are told to Get in the truck and bring them back.