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Task Force Mako is a playable faction featured in Medal of Honor: Warfighter.


Task Force Mako is a team of Tier 1 U.S. Navy SEALs from United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU, formally SEAL Team Six) under Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). It consists of a small number of veteran operators from AFO Neptune who have extensive combat experience working together in a variety of operational theaters. They are led by a Senior Chief with a reputation of near mythical proportions.


They initially start with four members; Mother, Preacher and Voodoo form AFO Neptune as well as Stump, who appears to be Rabbit's replacement. After the earlier events of the game with Mother and Preacher as part of the OGA TF Blackbird, Mako is left short handed, with just two operators. To bring Mako back to strength, Dingo, Tick, Mako 5 and Mako 7 join the Task Force, although during Shore Leave at least 8 SEALs from Mako are seen jumping from the C-17, including Stump.

First half of the game (chronologically):

  • Mother, Mako 1 (Team leader, reassigned to TF Blackbird)
  • Preacher, Mako 2 (Playable, reassigned to TF Blackbird)
  • Voodoo, Mako 3
  • Stump, Mako 4

Rest of the game:

  • Voodoo, Mako 1 (new team leader)
  • Stump, Mako 4 (playable character)
  • Dingo, Mako 2
  • Tick, Mako 3
  • Mako 5
  • Mako 7

Additionally for the last mission:

  • Dusty (TF Blackbird, joint operation)
  • Preacher (Playable, TF Blackbird, joint operation)



  • "Mako" could refer to the Isurus shark, as their insignia suggests.
  • It seems each member of Mako has a specific number, with Mako 1 always being the team leader. It is unknown if the two other members seen parachuting in Shore Leave are Mako are #6 and #8, although it is a probable, it remains as speculation.
  • Mako members in Shore Leave wear Kaenon sunglasses.