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Task Force Grizzly is a faction featured in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. They are one of the four Task Force units featured in the game.

In Medal of Honor Warfighter, Task Force Grizzly is the primary expeditionary assault force (Marine Expeditionary Unit) on the Arabian Peninsula. Comprised of an air combat element (ACE), ground combat element (GCE), infantry, artillery, amphibious and Force Reconnaissance Marines, they are an extremely effective combined arms task force with a single command structured to accomplish a specific mission.

One of the TF Mako SEALs, codenamed "Stump", is a former Marine whose unit makes up the bulk of TF Grizzly.

The only appearance of TF Grizzly is in the mission Shore Leave, where they work together with Task Force Mako to assault a Somalian stronghold rumored to have PETN stored there.

Current Members[]

Former Members[]



  • Members of TF Grizzly are seen operating the RHIB's during the into to Shore Leave, but when the player has control of Stump and looks at the boats no one is operating them.
  • When Stump uses the Bot to help the Marines, callsign Grizzly 1-4, there are six men all unnamed with TF Grizzly insignia on the HUD. But when he arrives on foot there are just two, LCPL Tran and an unnamed Marine who for some reason has a Mako insignia, instead of Grizzly, on the HUD.