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Task Force Blackbird is a joint CIA and Navy SEAL Tier 1 field unit in Medal of Honor: Warfighter.


Described as being a "covert special reconnaissance unit", Task Force Blackbird in Warfighter is a clandestine, special operations team made up of veteran Tier 1 operators mainly SEAL operators within DEVGRU and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) paramilitary operators with extensive specialized training in field craft and combat tactics, to carry out operations in non-permissive environments and often times hostile.

TF Blackbird is a faction of the Other Government Agency. CIA field teams will identify themselves as an OGA task force when they require to interact with allied military and intelligence units.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter[]

Dusty offers both Mother and Preacher to join Task Force Blackbird to do clandestine missions to track the source of the PETN. Some objectives carried out by Task Force Blackbird include securing a cell phone for intelligence purposes, tracking down an arms dealer named Farraz in Adam Dakhel, Pakistan among others.