For the character, see Tariq (character).

The Tariq is the standard sidearm of the Opfor in multiplayer. Although called the 'Tariq', the version in-game is not a Tariq, as the Tariq is actually an Iraqi clone of the Beretta M1951. The in-game version seems to be a very worn and dirty Yarygin PYa (aka the MP-443 Grach, also seen in Battlefield: Bad Company 2), a modern Russian pistol. It is the only handgun not to show up in singleplayer. This pistol is also seen in Medal of Honor: Warfighter in a cutscene, but is not available for the player at any time in-game.

In-game[edit | edit source]

This weapon has low recoil, a high firecap, and high damage. Its iron sights aren't particularly well-defined, and can be hard to use in dark spaces. It also has a small magazine and doesn't do enough damage to kill much more than one person per magazine, but it can serve well as a weapon of last resort.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter[edit | edit source]

The MP-443 has a brief appearance in Warfighter during the mission: Changing Tides. It is seen in Al-Kalifa's holster which was shortly after used by Sad Al Din to threaten Al-Kalifa and to kill one their soldier. In one of the early trailers of the game the M1911 pistol was used in the scene which was replaced by the MP-443 in the actual game.

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