Appears in Medal of Honor (2010)
Rank Informant
Affiliations Taliban (Formerly)
AFO Team Neptune
Status Alive
For the pistol, see Tariq (handgun).
"You have to kill them all!"
— Tariq

Tariq is an minor character Medal of Honor (2010).


Tariq was originally in the Taliban, but became an informant for AFO Neptune. He was being held hostage by a group of extremists, and blindfolded in a shed. Once rescued by the team, he and Neptune met up with AFO Wolfpack to interrogate Tariq. He is believed to have deceived Neptune due to the fact that the SEALs had their cover blown by the Taliban, but begged them to let him live and showed that he was very happy to be out of Taliban hands. He is middle-aged and is of average height.

He has a young daughter, which is known because of Mother's question: "Why should we trust you?" Tariq responds by saying, "Please, I have a daughter, I want her to go to school, I want her to be a person, have a life, do you not understand?"


  • Tariq is based on an Afghani warlord, a shepherd and a Taliban platoon leader, who were featured in "The Mission, The Men and Me" by Pete Blaber, a consultant for the game.


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