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The McMillan TAC50 is an American anit-materiel and anti-personnel Sniper Rifle which was cut from Medal of Honor, and is included in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The TAC50 is designed in the 1980s and entered service in 2000 with the Canadian Army and it is used by the U.S Navy SEALs as well.

Medal of Honor[]

The TAC 50 exists in the singleplayer aspect of the game only as an unused package. It appears under the name WP_SR_TAC50_HR_SF.upk, but is never used. It possesses an incorrect texture file, appearing as a bolt-action version of the M82 with a different scope. 

Medal of Honor: Warfighter[]

The McMillan TAC50 is unlocked at Rank 41 along with the GROM Sniper. The TAC50 is the most powerful sniper rifle in the game, having the ability to achieve one shot kills to the chest and head. The drawbacks include a extremely slow bolt cycle speed and reload, low movement speed, heavy idle scope sway and it takes longer to deploy the bipod.