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Support Actions are rewarded for attaining a threshold of points in a Score Chains. There are two types, offensive and defensive, and are either passive or non-passive.

Medal of Honor (2010)Edit

Generally speaking, the defensive options tend to be more team-friendly than the offensive option, last longer, and, for the most part, affect all the players on the team. On the other hand, the offensive options are generally area of effect (AoE), only having an affect on one area for a very limited amount of time. However, in cases where there is a vehicle involved, such as the M3A3 Bradley, or where there are embedded enemies, it may be more worth the points to use an offensive action.

Strategically speaking Defensive support chains guarantee points vs Offensive chains offer the potential for greater points. Take Intel VS Mortar Strike. Intel gets 25 additional score chain points on activation. For a Mortar Strike to be points effective you'd need at least 2 kills as a Tier 1. (10x2 plus 5 x 2 = 30pts plus potential for savior/revenge/defensive/offensive/vehicle damage point bonuses. Instead of immediately activating that Mortar Strike and getting nothing you may want to hold it until you get to 75 points, activating the Intel and immediately scorechain into a Match Ammo or Rocket Strike.

Do NOT immediately activate that scorechain bonus. If you get 50 points and zip off that Intel then get killed, your team has UAV but you are back to zero with no bonus. Try this: get 50 points and WAIT until you have 75 points then Activate Intel and immediate scorechain up to 100 points (Q.E.D.) If you die in the meantime you will respawn with Intel VS Mortar Strike in hand so you'll only need to get 25 points then activate your Intel and chain up to Intel VS Mortar Strike again.

Defensive Edit

Defensive Support actions are designed to give the player (and teammates) an edge in normal combat, and as such will commonly be used by players trying to achieve higher score chains without the risk of wasting an offensive support action.

The following Defensive Support Actions are available:

  • Intel (50 points to acquire) - Launches a UAV that circles the battlefield and highlights enemy soldiers on the player's minimap. Can be shot down by RPGs and rifle fire. 25 Bonus Points if used.
  • Match Ammo (100 points to acquire) - Grants the player's team factory-grade precision ammo. 1.25x damage multiplier. 25 Bonus Points if used
  • Flak Vests (175 points to acquire) - Grants the player's team protective vests that are tougher than normal body armor. 0.75x damage taken. 40 Point Bonus if used.
  • FMJ Ammo (250 points to acquire) - Grants the player's team ammunition designed to pierce light cover easily, as well as body armor. 1.50x damage multiplier. 40 Bonus Points if used
  • Jammer (350 points to acquire) - Launches a Jammer that renders the enemy team's minimap blind. NOTE: Launching a UAV when jammed will not overrule the jamming. 50 Bonus points if used
  • Armor Piercing Rounds (450 points to acquire) - Grants the player's team special armor-piercing rounds that easily punch through enemy body armor. 2x damage multiplier. 60 Bonus points if used
  • Ballistic Vests (600 points to acquire) - Grants the player's team special protective vests that provide huge levels of protection compared to normal body armor. 0.50x damage taken. 100 Bonus points if used

Offensive Edit

The following are offensive Support Actions and they are accessed by pushing 5 on the keyboard for the PC version, or left on the D-Pad for the 360 and PS3:

  • M224/ M57 Mortar Strike - (50 points to acquire) Small AOE, Medium Damage
  • MRLS/ BM-21 GRAD Rocket Strike - Small AOE, High Damage
  • AGM-114 Hellfire/ 9K114 SHTURM Missile Attack - Large AOE, High Damage
  • M777 Howitzer/ M1955 Howitzer Artillery Strike - Medium AOE, Very High Damage
  • A10 Warthog/ SU-25 Strafing Run - Large AOE, Very High Damage
  • F16 CAS/ MiGs Air Strike - Very Large AOE, Extreme Damage
  • BGM-109 Tomahawk/ R-17 SCUD Cruise Missile - Massive AOE, Massive Damage

Medal of Honor: WarfighterEdit

Support Actions return in Medal of Honor: Warfighter, but they have become much more diverse. There is a small bar opposite of the Fireteam information that shows how much the player needs for their next Support Action




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