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Support Actions are rewarded for attaining a threshold of points in a Score Chain. There are two types, offensive and defensive, and are either passive or non-passive.

Medal of Honor (2010)[]

Generally speaking, the defensive options tend to be more team-friendly than the offensive option, last longer, and, for the most part, affect all the players on the team. On the other hand, the offensive options are generally area of effect (AoE), only having an affect on one area for a very limited amount of time. However, in cases where there is a vehicle involved, such as the M3A3 Bradley, or where there are embedded enemies, it may be more worth the points to use an offensive action.

Strategically speaking Defensive support chains guarantee points vs Offensive chains offer the potential for greater points. Take Intel VS Mortar Strike. Intel gets 25 additional score chain points on activation. For a Mortar Strike to be points effective you'd need at least 2 kills as a Tier 1. (10x2 plus 5 x 2 = 30pts plus potential for savior/revenge/defensive/offensive/vehicle damage point bonuses. Instead of immediately activating that Mortar Strike and getting nothing you may want to hold it until you get to 75 points, activating the Intel and immediately scorechain into a Match Ammo or Rocket Strike.

Do NOT immediately activate that scorechain bonus. If you get 50 points and zip off that Intel then get killed, your team has UAV but you are back to zero with no bonus. Try this: get 50 points and WAIT until you have 75 points then Activate Intel and immediate scorechain up to 100 points (Q.E.D.) If you die in the meantime you will respawn with Intel VS Mortar Strike in hand so you'll only need to get 25 points then activate your Intel and chain up to Intel VS Mortar Strike again.

Score Offensive Defensive
50 Mortar Strike Intel
100 Rocket Strike Match Ammo
175 Missile Attack Flak Vests
250 Artillery Strike FMJ Ammo
350 Strafing Run Jammer
450 Air Strike Armor Piercing Rounds
600 Cruise Missile Ballistic Vests

Medal of Honor: Warfighter[]

Support Actions return in Medal of Honor: Warfighter, but they have become much more diverse.

There is a small bar opposite of the Fireteam information that shows how much the player needs for their next Support Action.


Tier Offensive Defensive
1 M32 Smoke Screen
2 SMAW Fireteam Replenish
3 MUSA Robot RQ-7 Shadow
4 Apache Pilot


Tier Offensive Defensive
1 Switchblade Smoke Screen
2 81mm Mortar Fireteam Replenish
3 Rocket Artillery RQ-7 Shadow
4 Apache Pilot


Tier Offensive Defensive
1 60mm Mortar Smoke Screen
2 Guided Missile Fireteam Replenish
3 Cluster Bomb RQ-7 Shadow
4 Apache Pilot

Heavy Gunner[]

Tier Offensive Defensive
1 Blackhawk Transport Smoke Screen
2 Mk19 Fireteam Replenish
3 MH-60L DAP Blackhawk RQ-7 Shadow
4 Apache Pilot

Point Man[]

Tier Offensive Defensive
1 RQ-11 Raven Smoke Screen
2 Airburst Mortar Fireteam Replenish
3 AH-6J Little Bird RQ-7 Shadow
4 Apache Pilot

Spec Ops[]

Tier Offensive Defensive
1 Radar Jammer Smoke Screen
2 120mm Dragon Fire Fireteam Replenish
3 A-10 Warthog RQ-7 Shadow
4 Apache Pilot