Street by Street is the second level of Medal of Honor: Underground in mission Liberation!

It occurs in the Quartier Pigalle area, Paris on August 21st, 1944.

Briefing Edit

Street by Street

Monday 21 August 1944

Fantastic effort! Getting that armory was a huge boost. Our fighters have begun pressing the Germans to the center of the city. Frederic Joliet-Curie has been making petrol bombs in the Prefecture with ingredients from the very lab wherein his mother-in-law discovered radium. These should give Jerry a bad case of hotfoot! Once you leave our resistance base in Pigalle, you'll find many fighters defending the area alongside you. Watch each other's back, and mind your fire--one stray bullet could spell the end of the fellow countryman.

You're with good men, but they need your experience to take out three German barricades. The Wehrmacht are on the defensive, and have holed up in a few dangerous strongpoints. If you can eliminate the guards behind the barricades, our fighters can finish the job.

These barricades are extremely deadly, and we don't know what other surprises the night might throw your way.

See if you can't steal some paperwork from one of the officers. We are not sure what they are planning next. If you get us a copy of their orders, we can have it deciphered and be one step ahead of them.

Finally, we need you to go to the marketplace. No, this isn't a shopping trip. Once there, you will meet with another resistance agent who we've learned has vital enemy information.


Objectives Edit

  • Neutralize the barricade guards (3)
  • Find subway map
  • Enter marketplace

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  • Frederic Joliet-Curie's mother-in-law Marie Curie discovered Radium along with her husband Pierre Curie.
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