Stovan Bosic
Bosic Desktop
Bosic on Dusty's computer.
Nickname(s) Mohandes, The Engineer
Appears in Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Old Friends
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Nationality Bosnian
Status Alive (captured)
Weapon Glock 23
Voice Actor Jack Dimich
Stovan Bosic is a character in Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Old FriendsEdit

Bosic was captured by Task Force Mako and Task Force Atlas in Old Friends. He tries to escape in his van, which was later disabled by Stump. Stump subdues him, gets information and gives it to Dusty regarding PETN shipment going to Pakistan.

Bosic's HenchmenEdit

Bosic owned a small private army of henchmen. They confronted Task Force Mako and Task Force Atlas in Old Friends, but most of them were eliminated.


  • He supported American forces during the Bosnian and Kosovo Wars but changed due to his greediness.
  • He shoots at Mako with a Glock 23 but misses and loses one of his men.
  • In the "Preacher's Story" singleplayer trailer, he was subdued by Voodoo instead of Stump.
  • Back in the 1990s, he once worked with Dusty in the Bosnian War and helped to find and capture the post-war criminals.


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