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"We are the best and brightest; we are tasked with anything and everything; espionage, sabotage, you name it, we do it."
— Colonel Hargrove on the O.S.S. during the initial briefing in Medal of Honor

Colonel Stanley Hargrove was an OSS officer that appears in the first 4 games of the Medal of Honor series.


Hargrove is of Irish descent, and was one of the first members and commandants of the Office of Strategic Services. He was the main commander of James Patterson, Manon Batiste, and Mike Powell and briefed them before their mission begins, whether it was going behind enemy lines to steal intel, perform some sabotage in order to ease Allied attacks, or being sent into frontline combat to assist Allied forces in a rut. He switched off with Manon Batiste at times as the briefer of Jimmy Patterson. Hargrove was nearly killed in 1944 when a German V1 Buzz Bomb exploded near his OSS headquarters in London, England, where he briefs Patterson and Powell. Luckily for Hargrove and other members of his staff, but unluckily for the civilians around V1 crashed in a local pub close to the office, killing many. Colonel Hargrove still described it as a horrible event that was not pleasant at all to witness. Near the end of the war, he expressed sadness towards parting ways with Patterson, and was always quite fond of him, nicknaming him "my boy". He connected the most with Jimmy, for example, becoming emotional during one of Patterson's missions, Capture the Secret German Treasure. It is unknown what happened to Hargrove after the war.