St. Matheiu (pronounced "Ma-tur") is a small fictional port city in the Normandy region of France.

St. Matheiu was being fought for by the Germans and American 101st airborne division. It also had a port where German U-boats would come in an out of to pick-up cargo. St. Mathieu was a village that had a small river running through it, a small bridge, a church and some businesses. According to Colonel Stanley Hargrove of the Office of Strategic Services, the village was bombed heavily in 1944 to loosen up German defenses hiding out in

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The city of St. Mathieu

the area, but the Germans were still entrenched and had Panzers to support them. It suffered intense fighting from American and German troops, and the constant bombing raids destroyed it even further.


  • St. Matheiu was most likely based on Ramelle, a fictional town in the film Saving Private Ryan where American airborne soldiers were also fighting for a small bridge.
  • According to a street sign, it was near Cherbourg.
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