For a similar weapon, see M83 smoke grenade.

Smoke grenades are grenades that are featured in some parts of Medal of Honor. In some games, they can be used by the player as weapons, and in some games they are only used by scripts.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and expansionsEdit

There are 4 types of smoke grenades:

  • M18 smoke grenade, American-British smoke grenade, it creates a red smoke screen.
  • RDG-1 smoke grenade, Russian smoke grenade, it creates an orange smoke screen.
  • Nebelkerze 39, German smoke grenade, it creates a light green smoke screen.
  • Breda.35 smoke grenade, Italian smoke grenade, it creates a white smoke screen.

Medal of Honor: FrontlineEdit

Smoke grenades appear on the "Into the Breach" level. The player must first find them. At the end of the level, the Captain and Patterson destroy the machine gun bunkers by marking them with smoke grenades for Navy.

Medal of Honor: European Assault Edit

During the "Climbing Mamayev Hill" level, Holt has to mark trigger an artillery strike marking the spot with a smoke grenade.

Medal of Honor: Airborne Edit

Smoke grenades appear on all missions. They indicate a safe landing site or a landing site with a low concentration of the enemy.
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