Silas Earl Whitfield
Nickname(s) John Troost
Appears in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Rank Private First Class
Affiliations United States Marine Corps
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Nationality American
Status Alive
Voice Actor Adam Lawson

Private First Class Silas Earl Whitfield was a Marine crewman who drove a PT boat through Pearl Harbor during its infamous attack.


Silas Earl Whitfield was born and raised in rural Kentucky, and joined the Marine Corps in the Spring of 1940. He is described as being an excellent engineer and sniper (though his sniping abilities are never seen) On the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor, he, along with Cpl. Griffin, GySgt. Lauton, and Pfc. Spinelli, escaped the USS California on a PT boat, with Silas driving. As he manuveured through the burning wreckage of the attack, Griffin shot down enemy planes. The crew members later sadly bore witness to the USS Arizona exploding while the PT boat stalled. They later gave cover to the USS Nevada before the attack was over. Silas and Spinelli celebrated the Japanese planes leaving before Lauton quickly shut them up. Neither Silas, nor Spinelli are seen again in the game. 


  • Silas Whitfield is only seen in one level, as is Spinelli.
  • Silas and Zwick has the same trousers.
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