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The Signal Scan (previously known as Spec Ops Vision) is the class specialization for the Special Ops class in Medal of Honor: Warfighter.


Signal Scan is a mechanic to emulate how real operatives develop a sixth sense in combat, and to give the short range Spec Op class a way to navigate himself into a position where his fire will be effective.

When activated, the screen will become a pixelized monocrome for two seconds, with nearby players hilighted in purple (even if they are behind cover). Radar pings will be heard by both the player and anyone near them, possibly alerting enemies to their presence. They are not updated in real-time, more or less being a radar blip or a burn-in that’s fading away. This means the player cannot pre-fire or fire at an occluded enemy unless the target is absolutely still. The ability’s short max-range and long cooldown means the player needs to be aware of when and how to use it, if activated randomly it will not give any benefit to the player.