Sidecar Shootout is the third level of Medal of Honor: Underground in mission A Mittelwerk Saboteur

It occurs down the mountainside of Kohnstein, Germany on July 4th, 1944.

Briefing Edit

Sidecar Shootout

4 July 1944

Unbelievable job, Manon! The explosion created by your seek and destroy mission was spotted by English planes returning from a bombing run near Cologne.

Unfortunately, every Nazi in the vicinity saw it as well, so they'll hunting you down like mad dogs. The only way out of there is a long winding road down the backside of the mountain. The road is heavily manned, and to make matters worse, shows damage from recent failed artillery attempts on the factory you just destroyed. A near impossible mission without some help...

Lucky for you we were able to get a man on the inside. He's a mechanic named Sonntag and he's pretty good with a motorcycle. He'll be waiting for you nearby, so just press the action button to get in.

You'll have a mounted machine gun attached to your sidecar.

Take dead aim on the Nazis swarming up the road toward you or you'll never make it down the mountain alive.

Oh, and along the way, there are two V1 rockets being readied for launch as we speak. Sonntag knows where they are, but you'll have to deal with them yourself. Once you make it to the tunnel at the edge of town, you'll be home free.

This is a rough one Manon, but I know you're up to it!

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy first launch site
  • Destroy second launch site
  • Exit town

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Trivia Edit

  • Sonntag erroneously tells Manon to make use of the 44 (i.e. MG44), but the mounted machinegun is an MG42/MG 15.
  • Inconsistency - While the artworks states if the mission was occurred at day time, the actual gameplay was occurred in night time.
  • After destroying the second launch site, using grenades, the player can destroy the barrier and go further without getting into a motorcycle.

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