Sewer Chase is the third and final level of the mission Rescue the G-3 Officer. It takes place in the sewers below Dubiussion on June 12, 1944.

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Sewer Chase

12 June 1944

Based on the report from the rescued pilot, we knew the G-3's injuries from the crash were bad—but I just got word from a contact still hiding in the town that his wounds are much worse than we thought.

Unfortunately, your job as an OSS agent doesn't lend itself to much sentimentality. If you discover that the G-3 hasn't survived through the night, don't linger—grab his attache case and run!

With the sun coming up, there's no way you can risk going topside. Your only hope is to escape through the old sewer system under the town, the same network of medieval tunnels that the Maquis have been using since the early days of the war.

Search parties are closing in with full force. To survive, you're going to need something to help even the odds.

Thankfully, the Maquis have been stockpiling the Allied weapons that were smuggled in before the invasion. My contact says you can find a large cache of ammunition hidden behind a fake sewer grate, located at the northwest corner of the second big tunnel.

Grab everything inside. Good luck, Patterson!


  • Acquire G-3 Attaché Case
  • Locate Maquis Weapons Cache
  • Exit Sewer

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  • The sewer pipes have "PAE" written all over them.
  • This level of is the only sign of the emergence of dogs.

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Medal of Honor Soundtrack - The Radar Train + Ambientation

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - The Radar Train + Ambientation

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