Sergei Borov
Appears in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Rank General
Affiliations Soviet Armed Forces
Imperial Japanese Military
Status Alive

General Sergei Borov is a minor character in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. He appears in the mission "Singapore Sling" as an ally of the Axis powers. He plans to overthrow Stalin and replace him with a new leader who can guarantee peace with Germany and an end to the war in Europe. He manages to escape the hotel unharmed during Joseph Griffin's raid. He is never seen or mentioned again.


  • He is unlockable as a multiplayer character, for the Axis.
  • Some Chindits used his face model, possibly because they lack a face model for them.
  • He never spoke even a word in Singapore Sling.
  • In Rising Sun's multiplayer, Serguey's character model named is spelled, Sergei on the character selection screen.