Second Squad is a Marine unit in Midnight Raid on Guadalcanal in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.


Second Squad is a unit that appears to have three members that was part of a midnight raid on Guadalcanal before the main assault on August 7, 1942. They arrived at the landing zone, and rendevoused with Gunnery Sergeant Jack 'Gunny' Lauton's squad, consisting of Corporal Joseph Griffin and Private Adams , and helped assault the beach. Although Lauton's squad takes no casulties on the beach, Second Squad takes casulties. One of the men killed was Novotny, a Pearl Harbor veteran who served with Lauton and Griffin there, and the only soldier known by name in Second Squad. The other two can be killed, but, if the player works hard enough, can keep one or both of the alive. After the beach is cleared, Lauton orders them to secure the beach, and they are not seen again for the rest of the level.

Known MembersEdit


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