For the similarly named level see: Scuttling the U-529 (Level)

Scuttling the U-529 is the second mission in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. The mission is divided into three levels: Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine, Scuttling the U-529 and Escape from Trondheim.


Secret Documents of the KriegsmarineEdit

  • Enter the complex with the assistance of Major Grillo.
  • Steal the research documents.
  • Enter the main facility.

Scuttling the U-529Edit

  • Find a disguise.
  • Destroy the Naxos Prototype.
  • Enter the 2nd U-boat.
  • Plant the bombs.
  • Escape.
  • Eliminate opposition and escape.
  • Exfiltrate.

Escape from TrondheimEdit

  • Exfiltrate the base.
  • Meet up with allies at train station.



In addition to the standard Wehrmacht soldiers, this mission also has the first appearance of the German shepherd as an enemy. The soldiers are usually armed with rifles, but there are more MP40s than in the last mission.

Trivia Edit

  • Historical inaccuracy - The Naxos Radar Detector was not deployed by the Kriegsmarine until September 1943.[1]
  • May mission takes place on a real submarine base in Trondheim "Dora 1".
    • In reality, however, "Dora 1" started to use only the Kriegsmarine on 20 June 1943. Also "Dora 1" was in the city.
    • Also in reality there were less parking submarines.
    • Cut out of the game 13 flotilla was based in this bunker.
  • U-529 is a real submarine that was inactivated on 12 February. However, U-529 was based in Kiel and not in Trondheim. To everything else, the boat was missing (presumably sunk in battle), and was not destroyed during the sabotage.

References Edit

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