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This page describes the in-game feature. For the actual score-chain rewards, see Support Actions.

Score Chains are a new feature introduced in the new Medal of Honor (2010) and Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer. Every kill, a player is rewarded with points that, apart from adding to the XP count of that player, add to the score chain. Once certain thresholds of points are attained, the player can call in one of two Support Actions, which can be either offensive or defensive, and either player-controlled or passive.

Medal of Honor (2010)[]


"When ever you start gaining points, from shooting other players or any action that rewards you with points, you start building a Scorechain. At certain score intervals. this will award you with Support Actions. Support Actions are extra military assets you can use against your enemies, such as artillery or better ammunition. A Scorechain lasts for as long as you live and is cancelled when you die."
— In-game help description
"Using granted Support Actions will not cancel your Scorechain, and you will keep getting better ones for as long as you manage to stay alive. If you are awarded a Support Action and die, it will still be available for you when you spawn in again but your Scorechain has been reset. In the bottom right of the screen you can see how your Scorechain is counting up and the requirement for the next level of Support Action you can get."
— In-game help description

Score Chains[]

Score Chain #1- 50 points:
Offensive - Mortar Strike (M224/M57)
Defensive - UAV / INTEL

Score Chain #2- 100 points:
Offensive - Rocket Strike (MLRS/BM-21 Grad)
Defensive - Match Ammo

Score Chain #3- 175 points:
Offensive - Missile Attack (AGM-114 Hellfire/9K114 SHTURM)
Defensive - Flak Jacket

Score Chain #4- 250 points:
Offensive - Artillery Strike (M777 Howitzer/M1955 Howitzer)
Defensive - FMJ Ammo

Score Chain #5- 350 points:
Offensive - Strafing Run (A10/SU-25)
Defensive - Jammer

Score Chain #6- 450 points:
Offensive - Air Strike (F16 CAS/MiG Raid)
Defensive - Armor Piercing Rounds

Score Chain #7- 600 points:
Offensive - Cruise Missile (BGM-109 Tomahawk/R-17 Scud)
Defensive - Ballistic Vests
Automatic - 2x Score Multiplier

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