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"Go ahead. It's not going to save your friend."
— Sad Al Din to Preacher in Bump in the Night.

Sad Al Din, also spelled Sa'ad al-Din (Arabic: سعد الدين) AKA Ibrahim al-Najdi (Arabic: ابراهيم النجدي)  is the secondary antagonist in the singleplayer campaign of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. He is infamous for his utter cruelty and short temper.

He is first seen at the end of Changing Tides, who visits Marwan al-Khalifa complaining of his incompetence and shooting one of the enemy combatants with al-Khalifa's MP-443. After Tiger 12 shoots al-Khalifa, Sad Al Din escapes unharmed and is not seen for a while.

Sad Al Din also serves as the head of security for a banker named Hassan, whom Task Force Blackbird capture in the mission Hello and Dubai. As TF Blackbird tries to lose him during a sandstorm, he catches up and takes the two operatives hostage.

He appears for the last time in the mission Bump in the Night, where he takes an enemy combatant's Glock 23 and shoots Mother in the head for insulting him when he asked who was calling on Mother's cellphone. Preacher is angered and breaks free after a while and chases after Al Din to the bridge of the MV Mistress. There, Preacher gets the upper hand on Al Din and is about to shoot him until Task Force Mako breaks into the bridge. There, they capture him and he is not seen again. He later revealed that Hassan was indeed the Cleric.