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Mission Briefing

Sabotage the Rjukan Hydro Plant is the fifth mission in Medal of Honor'. The mission is divided into four levels: The Roaring Penstocks, Generators of Destruction, Betrayal in the Telemark, and Heavy Water.


The Rjukan Hydro Plant.

The Rjukan Hydro Plant in Norway is producing Heavy Water which is assisting the Germans Nuclear Weapons Program. Patterson is sent into Norway to stop the Germans production of Heavy Water. Patterson firsts disrupts the plants ability to produce electricity by destroy relay stations and shutting down the main grid. Next, Patterson destroys important research files and destroys the heating tanks causing the Heavy Water in the pipes to freeze and burst. Patterson then goes onto flushing all the remaining Heavy Water out of the vats and into the storm drain. Afterwards, the supply trucks and the power station are destroyed and a ferry full of Heavy Water barrels is blown up.


I've got good news and bad news for you, Lieutenant.

The good news is that your security clearance has been elevated. The bad news is that we're sending you to Norway in the middle of winter. This all has to do with Germany's attempt to build something called an atomic bomb. I'm no scientist but if I understand the specs correctly, this weapon could instantly turn the tide of war in Germany's favor. From almost the first day they occupied Norway, the Germans took control of the Norse hydro plant near the town of Rjukan in the Telemark region. Apparently this facility is capable of producing a substance that OSRD has designated "Heavy Water" which is a key in making one of these bombs work. There have been some daring raids throughout the war on this plant but apparently it has never been completely knocked down out of commission. Last week, the Norwegian Resistance reported that it was back up and running at full capacity. Your transport leaves about 0700 tomorrow. Arctic gear is waiting for you on board. Good luck... and try to stay warm.


The Roaring Penstocks[]

  • Stop Water Flow in Central Pipe
  • Destroy all Power Relays
  • Shut Down Main Power Grid
  • Enter Hydro Plant

Generators of Destruction[]

  • Disable all Generators
  • Shut Down Flow to Heating Tanks
  • Destroy all Research Files
  • Locate D20 Output Report
  • Locate Elevator

Betrayal in the Telemark[]

  • Open Emergency Release Valve
  • Divert Heavy Water Vats
  • Acquire Delivery Schedule
  • Locate Garage
  • Disable Truck

Heavy Water[]

  • Disable Both Trucks
  • Disable Power Station
  • Sabotage Ferry



The enemies in this mission are better armed than in previous missions. Many soldiers are armed with submachine guns

The icebreaker Von Chmielewski.

and will use cover to their advantage. It is not uncommon to find a group of soldiers all armed with submachine guns. This is also the first time when you encounter soldiers armed with Panzerschrecks


  • During the war, the British and Norwegian Resistance tried numerous times to disrupt the production of Heavy Water at Rjukan. On one of these occasions a ferry was destroyed carrying Heavy Water out of Rjukan.
  • The track used in this level, Rjuken Sabotage (yes, the name "Rjukan" is misspelled in the soundtrack), is considered one of the prime pieces of the game's score, as it is a scherzo (light, quickly played piece) comparable to John Williams' "Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra" from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The track has also been featured in theatrical trailers.

Music List[]

The Roaring Penstocks[]


Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Securing The Codebook + Ambientation 1

Generators of Destruction[]


Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Securing The Codebook + Ambientation 2

Betrayal in the Telemark[]


Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Securing The Codebook + Ambientation 3

Heavy Water[]


Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Rjuken Sabotage + Ambientation